We help children
develop healthy
financial habits.

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Develop money habits in early life

Finny makes pocket money fun

Connect Finny to your child’s first bank account and make digital money tangible.

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Financial Education for children

What is Finny?

Find out how to develop childrens‘ money skills.

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Traditional piggy bank just went digital

Finny 3D

Finny 3D is the friendly companion of your children that teaches them money with fun. Designed to motivate children to save and become financial literate, he will become the best friend of your child.

Finny 3D is designed to promote children’s daily interactions.
With 20+ face animations, high resolution display, speaker, music streaming, notifications, calendar, night lamp and alarm clock functions, it will be your child’s trusted pal.

Finny 3D is fully integrated.
By connecting to bank accounts while using some of Finny App’s dedicated features, it has never been so enjoyable to manage balances, pocket money, saving goals, chores, and much more.

No doubt: children will learn digital money with fun!


Finny 3D is currently being developed with parents and children and will be available in Q4 2021. Subscribe now to our newsletter and receive latest updates on product development and when Finny is ready for pre-orders.


Emotionalize banking with the
next-generation of clients

We partner with banks, telcos and insurances to provide the best possible solution to deepen children’s
understanding of digital and physical money.

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Financial Literacy made fun

Who we are

We support children on their journey towards an independent life.
Fintune merges this ambition with years of experience in child-dedicated digital products for banking.
We created Finny, the combined hardware and software solution to promote children’s understanding of physical and digital money. We develop our solutions for children needs and enable banks to enhance their value proposition for families.

At Fintune, we believe in Financial Education with fun. We design for and with families.

What we do


Our mission is to become Europe’s number 1 digital piggy bank. For parents, we offer opportunities to support the financial literacy of their children. For children, we are developing educational game apps and hardware for learning about digital and physical money. We offer solutions for all banks and B2B partners who have a real interest in financial literacy.


Skills in handling money are a core competence in life and can be developed at an early stage. The digitisation of means of payment virtualises money and makes it more difficult for children to “understand” money in the literal sense.
Fintune solves this problem with a solution that is both digital and physical: Finny is a mascot in the app and, from the 4th quarter of 2021, also a physical, tangible digital piggy bank. This will make digital money more concrete and make it easier for families to raise their children in financial matters.


We want children to understand digital and physical money. Grounded in empowering their decision-making through a fun learning experience.


We work for children and parents, and we know that early financial education should be exciting and encouraging.


We help parents to teach and children to learn about finance, making this process easier and more effective.


We empower learning. Excitement drives us and makes Fintune and Finny better every day.

Finny Family

for parents
the key to financial parenting

Finny Kids

for children 7-12 years
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The Founders of Fintune

Ruth Mojentale & Andreas Kirchner

It all begins with a first step … also financial education of children. The rise of digitalization is changing the way we spend money. We believe that the next generation will benefit enormously from learning about digital money at an early age. We also believe that learning and playing are not contradictions. Quite the opposite: Learning is most effective in a playful and safe environment. With Finny children learn healthy money habits early in life, to make sound decisions in future.

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I like Finny ! Where can we buy it?

Emma, 7 years old

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Paola, 8 years old