Bank Partners

Emotionalize Banking with Families

We provide bank partners with a unique opportunity to acquire new clients at an early state and create a sustainable relationship for the future. Our solution strengthens existing relationships with families and allows for an early, positive connection to the bank’s brand.

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Next Generation of Clients

Kids become interested in money already at an early age, for example while accompanying their parents at grocery shopping.            Also, they love to count coins or bills. Saving accounts with preferential interest rates are not sufficient in teaching kids financial literacy. It is crucial to connect millennial parents with digital natives and to provide them with state-of-the-art solutions.                  Bank partners play an important role, providing early access to accounts and now to the first Mobile Banking App for kids: Finny App.

Three Pillars of Collaboration

Bank Partners

Finny Ecosystem

  • First Mobile Banking for Kids
  • Digital Piggy Bank

Bank Partners

Banking Products

  • Transaction Account
  • Debit Card
  • (Digital) Onboarding
  • PSD2 APIs

Bank Partners

Financial Literacy

  • NGO Partnerships
  • Regular Learning Nuggets

Advantages for Bank Partners

Client Acquisition

With Fintune's products, parents are addressed to open the first banking relationship for their kids. Through marketing campaigns parents' attention will raise bringing to a pull-effect to get this educational eco-system for their children. Finally, each child with its own account will increase the future client base and create a foundation for further revenues.

Client Retention / Activation

By joining Fintune, Bank Partners increase client retention/activation. Indeed, through our products banks can provide parents with financial advice and strengthen their relationship with the entire family while driving revenue and client retention.

Brand Awareness

Taking corporate responsibility and providing an educative solution has an impact on the brand. Finny in thousands of families’ and children’s rooms – that is client proximity at its best!

Cost Efficiency

App development is outsourced to Fintune AG, including updates and further feature enhancements (pay per user). Connections to standardized API PSD2 interfaces avoid costly back-end adaptations. Also hardware development is outsourced to Fintune AG, providing full customer support. Bank Partners can rely in full cost efficiency.



Your Solution for the Kids Segment

We are a full-service provider of a digital eco-system for parents and kids. Fintune provides interactive and connected tools to teach financial literacy to kids.

In the time of Open Banking, we deliver products that enhance customer experience for bank partners' clients.

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