Kids Learn Money Through Games: A financial literacy guidance

It might be surprising to know that money is not always an intuitive concept for kids. And sometimes for adults as well. Kids know that their puppy eyes get them an ice-cream or a Lego set, but they hardly notice that the actual sacrifice is more than just making puppy eyes. Parents must work hard […]

Pocket money – when to start and how to do it

Giving pocket money to children develops their self-confidence. By learning how to manage a budget, they become independent and improve their social relationships. Clearly, pocket money is a central topic in family management. However, when to start and how much to give them?

Financial Literacy in digital times

Back in the 1990s, the preferred way to pay for daily expenses was in cash. When we were children ourselves, we had little knowledge of the dimension of financial literacy, such as financial knowledge, behaviour, and attitude. Personally, I believe the main factors responsible for this to have been little pocket money, limited or no […]