Crowdfunding or crowdinvesting

Crowdfunding and Crowdinvesting are two ways to fund Fintune to achieve a great mission on financial literacy.

Crowdfunding or crowdinvesting?

Crowdfunding: Platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo offer crowd investors a reward for a monetary support. This reward may be a final product or a wide range of benefits. Besides the raised funds, the crowd funding campaign results in a positive public attention and a community of ‘backers’ supporting your vision.

Crowd investors often seek more: While they support the vision they want to participate in the success of the company – equity-based crowd-funding is the solution. Essentially it is based on a business angel investment model – scaled through a dedicated platform that gather investors through a specialized public crowd of investors. These types of crowd investments are booming. In 2017 more than a billion dollar equity-based crowd funding has been raised. In 2019 the investments have nearly doubled by raising 1.88 billion dollar. A substantial growth is expected in 2020 again. The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the driving factors. Analysts expect a total volume of 2.3 billion dollars.

As with any kind of crowd sourcing you’ll find numerous platforms available one equity-basd crowd funding. Two popular ones, Seedrs and Crowdcube recently merged, while new platforms further innovate and develop the market: Funderbeam offers a secondary trading market where the equity can be bought and sold which gives investors additional flexibility.

Fintune just started their crowdinvesting campaign

Like other forms of crowd methodologies, crowdinvesting follows the same rules: methodologies and techniques are important, but the essential differencing factor it is about values, incentives and trust. A proper business model and business case is a pre-requisite, but to really scale you need:

  • a great idea and vision
  • articulated value and purpose
  • a skilled and trustworthy team of professional and advisors
  • demonstrate established value
  • be able to raise confidence, trust and a sense of community

Fintune has all these ingredients. They have a great product with FINNY, an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset, a skilled team, and a powerful advisory board. Last but not least: Fintune shares a great vision to teach kids money.

Fintune’s crowdinvesting campaign

Learning how to manage money is a key capability in life. Parents lack the tools to teach their children all aspects of managing money in our digitalised world. Banks, on the other hand, face the challenge of connecting with generation Z and their children (generation alpha).

These problems have been recognised by the two founders, Ruth Mojentale and Andreas Kirchner (both former Credit Suisse Switzerland employees and developers of Digipigi for Credit Suisse), and with their Swiss fintech company Fintune they have developed a mobile banking app system that is completely customisable for banks, consisting of a children’s app, a parent’s app, and a digital piggy bank.

Furhter information can be found in the Funderbeam campaign here:

Visit fundraising campaign

An investment is possible from as little as EUR 250. Take a look now and invest in the future of the next generation.