Haunted Piggy Bank?

What do World Savings Day and Halloween have in common? In fact, there is something separating them at first, exactly one day. While World Savings Day 2020 will take place on 30 October, the 95th time this year, it will be “trick or treat” on 31 October.

The connection between the two days is, at least this year, mainly due to Corona. So this time, unfortunately, on World Savings Day, no groups of children will populate the counter halls of the banks and savings banks, while they excitedly queue up for giveaways with their piggy banks and money boxes in their arms, waiting to deposit the contents of their imaginative “penny guardians” into their savings account.

Likewise, this year’s Halloween will probably be all about “trick or treat” via social distancing or possibly “trick or treat” only via video chat.

In short: Both in terms of the piggy bank rally and the race for the best sweets, there will probably be a haunting emptiness on the streets this year.


Wallet and pandemic

So will World Savings Day really fall victim to Corona this year? According to a study by the Federal Association of German Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks (BVR), not likely. According to the results, the World Savings Day is rather turning into a savings year. With a savings rate of 21.1 per cent, Germans will save more than a fifth of their disposable income this year.

world savings day and saving quota 2020

According to a similar study by the payment provider study by the payment provider Klarna, 56 percent of Germans (more than half) say that they are less generous with their wallets, especially in times of a pandemic, and that they have become more economical overall.

The same study also takes an interesting look at the “team” of millenials and money. Three-quarters of the 16-24 year olds say that saving is the best way to secure their finances.


With Finny, it’s World Savings Day every day

Those who want to become a real money professional as a millenial will have to practice early on. It’s a good thing that in Finny we have the perfect savings partner with whom you can practice the responsible handling of money every day.

Finny’s “interest” is above all fun, excitement and educational games about money. The first mobile banking app for children between 7 and 12 years of age also naturally combines physical and digital money. The lovingly designed “money mascot” Finny also creates the haptic and also smart connection between cash and account.


Financial literacy is a family matter

For parents, Finny is an easy way to provide their children with fundamental financial knowledge and, thanks to regular financial literacy feeds, to have an “aha effect” themselves.

In short, Finny adds the fun factor and many learning factors to the classic pocket money. Money and gamification come together in a child-friendly way at all levels (and levels). Children learn how to save, increase and spend their pocket money in a targeted manner. Parents, on the other hand, are always aware of their children’s level of learning and savings and can encourage them in a more targeted manner.

In this way, finances become a family matter and children become super saving heroes!
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