Education Partnerships

Our education partner A Smart Way To Start complements our digital offering with a book series on financial literacy for kids. The books teach about financial literacy, all in rhyme form and by gorgeous watercolour illustrations. There are currently 4 books available and more to come.

Finanzkidz wants to empower children from the beginning to a self-confident and reflective handling of their finances! The german company combines economic topics with an educational and playful approach.

Our education partner Three Coins develops and implements impactful educational products to increase financial and consumer competence. The vision of Three Coins is that everybody moves freely and self-determinedly through life – without any financial worries.

Three Coins is accompanied by (academic) impact measurement and aims at a positive behavioral change. Products that Three Coins forged so far range from smartphone games, e-learning tools, campaigns, and webpages, to apps and classical workshops.

The independent and award-winning Social Business of Three Coins operates internationally and interdisciplinary. Also, it pioneers work together with NGOs, public hand & corporates in order to increase financial competency across private and public levels.

Education in the digital era

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