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Support from relatives

Finny Community Website

Financial education can be supported by grandparents and godparents and further relatives.
The community feature allows parents to invite family members and grant access to children’s saving goals and wishes.
Learn more about it.

Setup community

Parents define in the family app the members of the community and invite them to setup their profile on the website. Children’s friends can get access to share progress and gamification levels amongst the peer group.

Goal sharing

Children can share their goals and wishes with the family by using social sharing functionalities on the phone. Relative s get notifications and can access the latest wishlists on the web.


Supporting children with motivating messages or a financial contribution is made easy. Available money transfer options within the website allow instant money transfers.

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Safe and convenient

Community Website

After first login on the website family members get access to all the saving goals and wishes of the loved ones. Easy access, no need to install an app.

Contribute FINTUNE

Support and contribute

Saving Goals

Follow children’s progress towards their first own saving goals. Motivate and encourage them to keep saving. Integrated money transfer initiation allows easy transfer of money and support.

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With Finny 3D, traditional piggy bank got digital

Finny 3D

Finny 3D is the friendly companion of children that teaches them money with fun.
Designed to empower children to save and learn financial literacy, he will become children’s best friend.

Finny 3D is thought to promote children’s daily interactions.
With 20+ face animations, high resolution display, speaker, music streaming, notifications, calendar, night lamp and alarm clock functions, it will be your child’s trusted mate.

Finny 3D is fully integrated.
By connecting to bank accounts & thanks to Finny Apps dedicated features, it has never been so enjoyable to manage balances, pocket money, aving goals, chores, and much more.

No doubt: kids will learn digital money with fun!

Finny Family

for parents
the key to financial parenting

Finny Kids

for children 7-12 years
Become a Financial Superhero


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Gender Equality in Pocket Money: Between Gap and Equality

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I like Finny ! Where can we buy it?

Emma, 7 years old