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Finny Family App

Teaching your child financial literacy is an important task in today’s digital age. How can you achieve that? We introduce you to the Fintune Family App for parents.

The App includess everything needed to teach your kids financial literacy skills: earning, saving, and spending in a safe and playful environment which you can create to your preferences.

Monitor your kids’ activities, set up their pocket money, assign tasks and chores, and organize wish lists. You can also encourage your kids to make their first financial interactions with approved friends and family members.

Pocket money

Discuss first pocket money and how it might be spent wisely with your children. Setup a standing order for weekly or monthly money transfers and monitor spending and saving.

Value of money

Explain your children the value of work and how much effort it needs to earn EUR 100. Assign chores at home e.g. to help in the garden for some hours and let them experience the value of money.

Financial literacy

Recieve valuable nudges on financial topics and take them up with your children, e.g. needs vs. wants or challenges of debts.

ParentsApp PocketMoney fintune

Save time and effort

Pocket money

Setup and pay pocket money directly
in the app. No need anymore to have the exact amount in coins ready each week.
Ensure payment on time for each child.


Connect children’s bank account

Open Banking

Easy integration of 2700+ bank accounts in Germany and Austria. Allow children to see their account balance and transactions for understanding digital money.

fintune parents app financial literacy

Discuss and explain

Financial literacy

Get periodic feeds of relevant topics to discuss with your children. Playful and insightful content to raise awareness and skills at early age.

ParentsApp-Notifications by FINTUNE

Initiate actions


Get informed about latest actions of your children and transactions within the eco-system. Proposals for your next best actions ensure continuous coverage of your children’s learning journey.

fintune Designelement

Traditional piggy bank just went digital

Finny 3D

Finny 3D is the friendly companion of your kids that teaches them money with fun – connected to the Finny Kids and Finny Family App.

Our features are designed with parents, children and pedagogues to support learning progress and boost the motivation of children.

Finny Family

for parents
the key to financial parenting

Finny Kids

for children 7-12 years
Become a Financial Superhero


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I like Finny ! Where can we buy it?

Emma, 7 years old