• FINNY Money box

     80.00 Availability 31. October 2021.

    • smart financial literacy companion
    • for children 3-12 years
    • develop healthy money habits
    • connected with Finny Kids app and Finny Family app
    • creates a safe and playful learning environment
    • children get familiar with physical and digital money
    • helps children to earn, spend, and save for long-term saving goals
    • developed and produced in Germany
  • Delivery time: approximately 2 weeks

    Build your own FINNY Moneybox with this high-quality paper craft sheet

    This draft sheet is specially designed featuring the character of FINNY, encouraging children to save more and become financial literate. Finny moneybox is aimed to store coins and bills - all cash savings that need a safe place Finny Kids app helps children to learn coins and bills of the currency and is a fun way to track how much cash savings the child put already aside in their money bank at home.