Finny 3D

Touch. Speak. Connect.

Features of Finny 3D

High-Resolution Display

Detailed Finny with smooth animations

20+ Facial Expressions

Choose Finny's sounds and face animations

Fully Integrated

Finny connects to your bank accounts & apps

10+ Notification Events

Balance Change, Goal Completed, Chore Due

Volume Control

Have Finny play music at your preferred level

Music Streaming

Stream music from your phone

Time & Calendar

Finny shows the time and important events

Alarm Clock

Finny will wake you up on time

Night Mode

Disable notifications at night

Night Lamp

Warm ambient lighting during bedtime

Upcoming Features in the Backlog

NFC Payment

Turn Finny into a payment terminal using contactless payment

Voice Skills

Let kids speak with Finny using microphones and state-of-the art voice recognition

Be part of Finny's journey

Finny 3D is currently in development.  Take an active part in the development process and join the beta phase to test the Apps with your kids.

In addition, we would like to know your opinion on features and styling of Finny, such as potential colors and which features are most important to you.

Sign up as Beta tester