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Over the past two decades, Ruth’s work in the financial industry and Andy’s studies in technology and philosophy led them to found Fintune and develop a comprehensive learning environment for financial literacy.
Research shows that money habits are built early in life. Indeed, little girls and boys have more wishes than their families can and should fulfil. Children today need to learn a crucial lesson for life: Our time and resources are limited and so is money. That’s why it matters how we spend, earn, and save money.

We provide a playful way to discuss, explore and experience important money-related topics in a family: around earning, saving, spending and needs versus wants. It’s more than just explaing the value of money – it’s about sharing values,

Fintune Ruth Mojentale CO Founder

Co-Founder and CEO

I am driven by innovation and the combination of technology and business challenges. I have more than 15 years of experience in people leadership and building successful
teams that can achieve ambitious goals. This solid experience is driving Fintune today.

During the last 22 years in the banking industry, I gained a strong background in sales, innovation management, product/project management, and everyday banking
along the client’s life-cycle.

I initiated Digipigi project (first digital piggy bank in Switzerland) at Credit Suisse and guided the overall Kids Banking initiative to its success.

An Executive Masters Degree in Business Administration from HSG St. Gallen and an Executive Degree from the Swiss Finance industry complement my Master’s Degree in Economics.

Fintune Andreas Kirchner CTO

Co-Founder and CTO

I love problems, solvable technical and unsolvable philosophical ones. I worked as lead engineer in the mobile banking space of Switzerland for 7 years with focus on cybersecurity, innovation, IoT, automation and motivation.
In my former role, I was responsible for hiring and training of engineers, establishing a development team in India, and successfully delivering new projects, while keeping them running sustainably.

I led the IT development of Digipigi (first digital piggy bank in Switzerland) at Credit Suisse. This experience guides me for
our endeavours at Fintune. I am educated in Austria, Vienna (Informatics and Philosophy), and I still learn from and with others, appreciating little steps, long traces, and permeable borders.

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Finny offers banks a unique opportunity to acquire new customers early on and build lasting relationships.

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Fintune’s journey has been an exciting experience: valuable touchpoints with industry experts, paedagogic professionals, parents, children and Fintech events. Check out the highlights.

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